"Got Your Six"

This is my pledge to you.  It is focused on you the Taxpayers and Families of 74th District.  I developed the pledge based on my listening tour of the district over the last several months. 

The Pledge has six planks:

-- I will reject the pension and health care plans offered to Springfield legislators.

-- I will oppose tax increases and unfunded mandates.

-- I will not vote in favor of any bill I have not read or fully understand.

-- I will vote "NO" on any legislator pay increase and donate any increases awarded to local charities in the 74th District.

-- I will always support term limits and vote for any legislation that eliminates career politicians like Michael Madigan.

-- I will be a passionate and informed voice in Springfield for veterans, who have done so much for this great nation; Fire, Police and First Responders who do so much for our state, country and communities. 

I call this my "Got Your Six” pledge in honor of our men and women serving, or who have served, in the armed forces. "Got Your Six", in military language, stands for "I got your back." As a public servant in the legislature I will look out for the interests of the taxpayers and families of the 74th District.

As a 27-year Veteran of the United States Army, retiring as a Lt. Colonel, I take oaths and pledges seriously and solemnly. My word is my bond and I want to make clear my commitment to specific goals and actions if fortunate enough to serve you as your elected State Legislator.



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