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So many issues face us. Daniel Swanson can tackle them to make Illinois a better place for our family and our businesses to grow and thrive.  Raising taxes and punishing success is not the solution.  These are my issues.....what are yours?  Please feel free to share your thoughts, concerns or ideas with me?  Use the form below to let me know.  As your servant, I will consider your issues our priority!

Campaign Issues: Education

Jane Smith Used Online Candidate for her Campaign Website CMSServing on a board of education taught me many things, one of which was the often received state mandates from our State legislators in Springfield very seldom were any of these mandates accompanied with funding to meet the requirement.  More often than not, this extra burden  for the new requirements caused financial stress for the district.  Often time Districts are forced to pay for these mandates with education funds that could have been better spent on current curriculum or other areas needing attention.  We don’t need to dictate from Springfield with what in our perception “needs to be taught”.   I believe Legislatures best serve education by allowing educators to educate.


Too  Much TrafficCampaign Issue:  Budget and Jobs

Illinois continues to lose jobs to neighboring states causing economical strain on communities and Illinois.  According to an Illinois Review Tuesday, October 20, 2015, article titled REPORT SHOWS ILLINOIS LOST THOUSANDS OF JOBS IN SEPTEMBER:  "Illinois’ sluggish economy has greatly affected the state budget. As state-to-state migration data from the IRS shows, taxpayers are moving out of Illinois and taxable income is being lost to other states. In 2013, Illinois lost 81,000 residents and $4.1 billion in taxable income to other states.  Illinois lost 1,800 manufacturing jobs in September and has lost 12,500 manufacturing jobs in 2015 alone while every neighboring Midwest state has added manufacturing jobs during the same timeline," Illinois Policy Institute said in a statement.  I will work to turn this around."  

  We need to establish an enviornment that encourages job growth, increase opportunities and bring businesses back to Illinois.  Raising taxes will not fix this problem.   We must once again be a leader in manufacturing jobs.

Campaign Issues: National Guard and Veterans


I’m concerned Illinois service men, women and veterans do not have a strong enough voice in numbers in the House. We need a vocal group to ensure longevity and viability of our units.  The Army is in the process of a Redesign or restructuring of active component and National Guard Forces.  Currently, we have 3 Armories and 5 military units in the 74th District.  The economic impact to each of the communities is substantial in wages, up keep of the facilities; utilities, fuel, meals and today’s National Guard soldiers travel greater distance to serve in a unit for promotion opportunities.  An act of terrorism in Illinois is not "if" but "when".  I will support and provide a strong voice for our National Guard men and women to ensure they remain a viable, well equipped with modern equipment and remain in our communities.

Our veterans deserve the best in health care.  Through my Superintendent’s mission, I am able to serve many veterans throughout Henry County and keep in touch with their needs and services.  But a recent event reminded me, how fragile our veterans are.  Recently, I had a Korean War Veteran with two Purple Hearts come in to my office seeking assistance.  After visiting with this hero and his son, I learned he wasn’t enrolled in the VA healthcare system-a simple task, if one has automation skills.  One phone call and 30 minutes later, the veteran was enrolled in the VA Healthcare system.   How can we better serve our heroes?   My vision is  r that we engage the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs and other appropirate State Agencies  to participate in a collaborative effort assemble an active campaign through a series of radio and TV Public Service Announcements. During the few months Governor Rauner has been in office, he has passed legislation improving veteran’s services, but there is more to do!  I will lead the charge to better serve, communicate and reach out to our veterans.  


Campaign Issues:  Faith, Family and Freedom

I believe in defending life from conception to natural death. I am deeply protective of the sanctity of life from the unborn to our frail elderly.
I believe in celebrating traditional marriage, between one man and one woman.
I am a gun owner and staunch defender of the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, including conceal and carry to protect one's family and person. 
Several times during my 27 year military service, I swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. I will defend and protect the values and principles of the Constitution throughout my public service as your legislator.

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