Swanson Farms 

      Swanson farms is located in Henry County, south of Andover and includes My Dad, Ron; brother, Steve, nephew, Josh; son, Matt and I.  On our farm we grow corn, beans, hay and occasionally oats and wheat.  Because of our various soil types and terrain our tillage practices Dad harvesting 2015 crop.  He has 3 simple rules:  1) he doesn't wash windows, 2) he doesn't do maintenance and 3) when he needs lights, he is done for the day!consist of deep tillage on non-highly erodible land (N-HEL) to no-till on highly erodible land  (HEL).  We maintain up-to-date modern farming equipment and use  farming practices to ensure our soils remain productive and within environmental standards.  Steve and I both maintain a State of Illinois, Department of Agriculture Illinois Pesticide ID Card: Private Application.  We realize the weather; soils and growing conditions are all gifts from God, so it is our responsibility to preserve and protect these gifts to ensure today we meet the demand and for our son's to continue the family tradition to feed the World’s population safely and efficiently.  

      All of us are members of the Henry County Farm Bureau, Steve and     I for several years.  Steve serves as a commissioner on the Edwards River drainage district,  Matt serves on the Henry County Farm Bureau Board and Josh serves with the Henry County Pork Producers.

      We have a stock cowherd.   The calves born each spring remain on the farm which we feed and raise until fully grown and then harvested.   We also, purchase 500 - 550 lb calves from a neighbor and his son.  We use the Orion Veterinary Services, Orion, IL to ensure the health, treatment and care of our animals are within prescribed best medical practices and conform to current laws/regulations.  We ensure when our cattle enter the World’s food system their meat does not contain any antibiotic, steroid or medicine residue.   One of the feed rations provided to the calves and later to the cattle when on the feed is ground ear corn. 


 Steve and I along with our sons built two 2480 head confinement buildings.  We named the corporation, Edwards Valley Pork, Co after the name of a one-room country school, EdwardsValley School, my Dad, their Grandfather attended just a half mile north of the building site. 

   My son and nephew became fifth generation Swanson's as part of a farming operation farming their Great-Great-Grandfather and Great-Great Uncle's farm land.  We are proud to have them in theoperation.

  We are so fortunate to have young men who wanted to    stay in the family operation and remain in their community.    They both attended AlWood Schools and participated in AlWood's strong FFA    program with Mr. Terwilleger, FFA Advisor, stationed by the Owl.  Matt attended Illinois State University, Bloomington, IL and earned in degree in Ag business.  Josh is attending Black Hawk Junior College, East Campus and will earn his associates degree, spring 2016.  

FFA has so many opportunities to offer students introducing them to many lifelong skills outside the agriculture arena.  I very much support looking for ways to continue ag in our schools and ways to ensure we maintain/recruit young man and women, who endeavor an agriculture career in the classroom.  Swanson Farms financially support the AlWood FFA through donations.

The following is a copy from River Valley Cooperative's Solution magazine, September 2013 edition:


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